Western Blotting

LuminolPen™ EZ, HRP System
Easy, smart and precisely to record the experiment.

LuminolPen™ EZ, HRP System is designed to annotate the position of prestained marker on the Western blot membrane. LuminolPen™ EZ should be used before adding ECL substrate on the blot and after hybridization procedures, while LuminolPen HRP system (LH03-50) should be used after the transfer of protein from gel to a membrane and before the blocking step. Simply mark the position of the protein marker or write down experiment conditions on the blot, the signals from the drawing can be shown with the application of ECL substrates, and the images can be recorded by using either the X-ray films or the CCD image documentation system.



  • Persistence: applicable to long-term exposure
  • Enhanced ink: improve the signal by repeat writing 



Order Information:


Cat. No. Product Name Description
LH05-50 LuminolPen™ EZ , HRP System

 About 1,000 membranes drawing

LH05-10 LuminolPen™ EZ , HRP System

 About 100 membranes drawing




Product Detail:



Figure 1. Use LuminolPen™ EZ to take notes and mark prestained protein marker on the blot 




Figure 2.  Application of LuminolPen™ EZ on the ECL-base Western Blot experiments.

Label the positions of molecular weight marker (VC01, VisualProtein) and notes the PVDF membrane with LuminolPen™ EZ. Capture the annotated signal according standard ECL reaction by image Capture System.