Western Blotting

Western Blot Tool Box
A compact and convenient tool box to meet your needs in Western Blotting.

The Western Blot Tool Box is designed to conveniently provide reagents/buffers needed for Western blotting, from cell lysis, protein quantification, protein separation, protein transfer, antibody incubation, and chemiluminescent detection. All items on this all-in-one box are available individually.
Product information



  • An all-in-one box of commonly used reagents/buffer for Western Blotting
  • Ensure fresh buffers with individual packing of each buffer
  • Long shelf life



Order Information:


Cat. No. Product Name Description
BOX12  Western Blot Tool Box


      BC03-100 X 1       BF20-50 X 10
      RP05-10 X 1         RB500 X 10
      LF08-100 X 1        TBST200 X 10
                                   WTB500 X 10



Western Blot Tool Box with LuminolPen



      BC03-100 X 1       BF20-50 X 10
      LH03-10 X 1          LF08-100 X 1
      RB500 X 10           RP05-10 X 1   
      TBST200 X 10       WTB500 X 10