Western Blotting

Western Blot Tool Box
Your Essential Kit for Streamlined Western Blotting

The Western Blot Tool Box is your comprehensive solution for Western blotting. This all-in-one kit includes everything needed for the entire blotting procedure—from cell lysis and protein quantification to protein separation, transfer, antibody incubation, and chemiluminescent detection. Designed for convenience and efficiency, each component is also available separately to suit your specific research needs.
Product information



1. An all-in-one: Contains all essential reagents and buffers for Western blotting.
2. Freshness Guaranteed: Individual packaging ensures each buffer is fresh when used.
3. Extended Durability: Enjoy a longer shelf life, reducing waste and frequent reordering.



Order Information:


Cat. No. Product Name Description
BOX12  Western Blot Tool Box


      BC03-100 X 1       BF20-50 X 10
      RP05-10 X 1         RB500 X 10
      LF08-100 X 1        TBST200 X 10
                                   WTB500 X 10



Western Blot Tool Box with LuminolPen



      BC03-100 X 1       BF20-50 X 10
      LH03-10 X 1          LF08-100 X 1
      RB500 X 10           RP05-10 X 1   
      TBST200 X 10       WTB500 X 10






This Tool Box contains our best selling products!


1. RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer: a classic RIPA formulation with high quality ingredients enchancing the lysis performace.

2. BlockPRO Protein-Free Blocking Buffer: our unique mixture of hydrocarbons as blocking agent for a wide spectrum of imminoassays.

3. LumiFlash Ultima Chemiluminescent Substrate (HRP System): high signal sensitivity and long signal duration for chemiluminescent.

4. LuminolPen HRP System: the unique pen is for data menegement, it can be used to leave notes on the blot (such as the position of protein marker and experiment info), the ink emits light after reaction with chemiluminescent substrates.