BlockPRO™ Blocking Buffer


Ready-to-Use Blocking Buffer for Protein Detection

BlockPRO™ Blocking Buffer is suitable for blocking in Western blot, ELISA, immunohistochemistry and other immunochemical application. It can block excess binding site but not cover on the binding protein and therefore increase the signal intensity. Present better data result than milk and BSA blocking buffer.



   Special Characteristic

  • High efficiency : Increase signal intensity
  • High compatibility : Suitable for downstream PBST and TBST wash procedure and also compatible with every immunochemical application
  • Simple : Safe and ready to use


  Order Information

Cat. No. Product Name Description




  BlockPRO Blocking Buffer

  1 kit

  500mL Solution X 2






   Product Detail


Figure 1. Signal strength comparison of Casein, BSA, milk, and BlockPRO™ Blocking Buffer. Loading 30 μg cell lysate (HepaG2) and detect with anti-AMPK (mouse, 1:1,000). Secondary antibody : anti-mouse IgG-HRP 1:10,000. Membrane: Hyond™ P. Detection : Hyperfilm™ ECL. All results were exposed for 30 seconds and capture by X-ray film.



Figure 2. Blocking with skim milk or BlockPRO™ Blocking Buffer and detect by SEM. 30 μg cell lysate (HepaG2) separated by 12.5% SDS-PAGE and blocking by skim milk or BlockPRO™ Blocking Buffer. Membranes detected by SEM. The SEM result showed that BlockPRO™ Blocking Buffer only blocking on excess binding site and reveal the position of antigen and therefore will not reduce the signal intensity.